3 Male Celebrity Haircuts Everybody Adore

3 Male Celebrity Haircuts Everybody Adore

Having neat and tidy look is very important for modern man, especially if you are a world-famous actor that is constantly under the sight of paparazzi.  Of course, wants to be caught by surprise in inappropriate look, but there are some guys, who deal with this task perfectly. Nobody knows how do they manage it, except that our professional barbers.  Today, experienced specialist from Lanny barbershop are ready to share with you top 3 gorgeous male hairstyles to fit any taste and hair structure. If you are in search and want to try something new, go on reading our article.

# 1 Robert Pattinson

If you are young and active person, who doesn’t like to spend hours in front of the mirror, trying to make your hair look nice, you should steal Robert Pattinson`s voluminous shag. Such hairstyle would be a perfect variant for daring guys, who like to fly in the face of the whole world. A little bit of hair mousse or styling pomade of a strong hold is all you need to turn your “just out of bed” look to “ready to go” one.

# 2 Daniel Craig

This hairstyle is meant for older men, who know what they want from this life and suffer a little bit from receding hairline. It is a perfect variant if you want to hide first signs of balding and cover up thin hair structure. No matter what your hair color is, it will look nice even in spite of the fact that Daniel Craig is a blonde.

# 3 Rodrigo Santoro  

If you have dark, thick hair and prefer classic style in everything, go for Rodrigo Santoro`s ultimate haircut. Barbers call it typical Casanova – style look, so the name speaks for itself. Combine it with slight bristle and piercing glance and no woman will be able to resist your charm. Don’t forget the fact that this type of hair requires serious styling approach and some skills. You should be ready to spend some time and money if you want to look attractive.


Choose one of these hairstyles, and be ready to steal the show.

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