Male Celebrity Hairstyles You Should Never Copy Out in Real Life

Male Celebrity Hairstyles You Should Never Copy Out in Real Life

Everybody fails from time to time. Even if you are a world – famous Hollywood actor or singer, doesn’t mean you are safe from having a bad haircut. When thousands of fashion stylist work on your image, it may happen that one of them makes a floater. Nevertheless, even the worst hairstyle can`t make dedicated fans cease to love their idol, but you should definitely abstain from embracing some of them in real life. Our professionals at Lanny Barbershop offer you top three no-no hairstyles that still were embraced by world – known Hollywood stars. Check them out and remember carefully in order not to recreate none of them in real life.

# 1 Dave Grohl – The Foo Fighters

Em…it is hard to find any words to describe Dave`s hairstyle, because it looks really strange. The Foo Fighters are well known for their audacity and reckless acts, who knows, maybe this extra-long, shiny haircut is one of them. Howbeit, even if you are a fan of this group and Dave Grohl in peculiarity, his haircut is the last thing you should copy out.

# 2 Billie Joe Armstrong – Green Day

One more rock star continues our chart. Without any doubts, his songs make our heart and soul sing, but his hair, sometimes, makes it cry. Something definitely went wrong, since Billie Joe Armstrong start to remain us a black dandelion. Next time you will be visiting your favorite barbershop, stay away from too much layering, especially if you have thin hair.

# 3 Rupert Grint

You can be surprised to see Rupert in this list, because he looks totally cool with his red hair. However, a very small number of guys could afford to wear similar hairstyle. The majority of them look strange and silly with long, rounded haircut. Even if you are a huge fan of Harry Potter series of book, Ron Weasley is not the best character to copy out in 2017.


Follow our tips, and better consult with your barber in order to find your unique, personal hairstyle. It would be much better then to steal someone else’s look.  

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